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We consult with people who have been referred by their healthcare provider or reach out to us directly to determine whether ketamine infusion therapy is the right next step in their care.


Over a three week period, you’ll receive six ketamine infusions that will take about two hours end-to-end. For most people, the experience is relaxing and comfortable. You’ll need a friend to drive you home and you should plan a low-key day of rest.


After your foundational set of infusions, we’ll stay connected with you to monitor your mood and progress, and you can return for additional infusions on an as-needed basis. Most people come back every 8-12 weeks.

What to expect

At Waybridge, we put our patients at the center of everything we do. If you have questions, just ask. It’s all about your health and healing.

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Meet Dr. Leslie Koenig

Dear Friends,

It is an honor to be a trusted physician that has impacted many lives through my work in the emergency room, holding hands with those suffering from suicide, anxiety, pain, and other forms of suffering.

As a Navy combat veteran now serving Omaha for the last 7 years, I have seen firsthand the crushing impact of mental health disorders on individuals, families, and our community. Personally, I’ve lost corpsmen to suicide and understand the pain of living with trauma. With conviction in integrity and compassion, I’m devoted to using the latest science based, forward-thinking approaches to help all struggling with these conditions. From writing the workbook “Stress Relief Survival Guide” to creating a free YouTube course teaching how to take immediate steps, I’m passionate about guiding those in need towards a better tomorrow.

Our vision at Waybridge is to create a healing space that offers transformational medicine, celebrating the human spirit and bringing light to people’s paths. Committed to the highest standards of care and safety, we use evidence-based approaches that work. Thank you for your courage to think differently and for trusting us with your care.

With much gratitude,

Leslie Koenig, MD

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